Amebis Presis User Interface Presentation

The Amebis Presis Translation System offers three user interfaces. They all use the same translation kernel, which is why they produce identical translations, and only differ in some functionalities and in the way they work. Some basic characteristics of the three user interfaces are described below. Select a link to learn more about the use of a particular interface.

Amebis Presis MiniAmebis Presis Mini

A quick and simple user interface that is always displayed on the screen. It can be used as a dictionary by entering any word form (the translator will find the word's base form on its own).
The translator monitors all changes on the clipboard; in other words, a translation is produced as soon as a word, sentence, or text is placed in the clipboard.

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Amebis Presis ProAmebis Presis Pro

This is the most powerful of the three interfaces and the only one that allows users to add words and sentences. In addition, it is directly linked to ASP32 dictionaries and has a built-in spellchecker. The interface allows users to easily switch between different translation options and save the translated text.

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Software Package System Requirements

  • Intel Pentium™ or compatible PC;
  • Microsoft® Windows 7 or newer,
  • 170MB space on hard drive;
  • 128MB RAM;