Amebis Presis Mini

Amebis Presis Mini is the most basic user interface. In addition to being quick and easy-to-use, the interface is customizable and works perfectly with other programs by using the clipboard. Amebis Presis Mini can be used either as a translator or as a dictionary.

Introduction To the Translation System

Amebis Presis Mini is displayed as a single-line toolbar above the system tray and contains the following buttons and fields:

  1. Menu
  2. Delete Button (used for both input and translation fields)
  3. Input Field
  4. Translate Button
  5. Button for saving the contents of the translation field into the clipboard
  6. Translation Field

This handy interface allows you to keep a dictionary constantly active on the desktop while you work.

If you need more than one line when translating, expand the window to meet your preferences.

If you do not want the toolbar to be at the bottom of the screen, you can drag and drop it somewhere else. Moving the toolbar does not disable the expand option.

To use Amebis Presis Mini, type or paste a word, phrase, sentence or text into the input field through the clipboard and start the translation.

If clipboard monitoring is enabled in the menu, Amebis Presis Mini will automatically translate any new text appearing in the clipboard.

In other words, whenever a portion of text is placed in the clipboard, a translation will immediately appear in the translation field.

The fastest way to copy the translation back to the desired application is to press the Save translation field button to save the translation into the clipboard, and paste it directly into the application.

Amebis Presis Mini can also be used as a dictionary. Due to the gradually increasing number of translations and the translator's ability to translate individual words, Amebis Presis Mini can serve as an efficient dictionary tool.

A number of features give it an advantage over traditional electronic dictionaries:

  • In terms of content, the dictionary reflects modern use and does not include obsolete words, as only words and phrases that typically occur in modern languages are added;
  • With over 30,000 units, our dictionary can already be defined as being medium-sized, and new units are being added on a daily basis;
  • The handy Amebis Presis Mini interface allows you to keep a dictionary constantly active on the desktop while you work. You can use it automatically through the clipboard from any other software.
  • When using a traditional dictionary, users are often required to enter a word's base form. With Amebis Presis, users can now enter any word form and obtain a translation that matches the original word form in all its grammatical categories;
  • In addition, phrases and complete sentences can also be directly translated. No traditional dictionary offers this feature;
  • The Amebis Presis Pro user interface allows you to build your own dictionary and add new translations for words and sentences. Amebis Presis Mini will use these translations and give them either the same status as or priority over the software's own translations. This is particularly useful when translating specialized texts (e.g. engineering or medical texts.), as general dictionaries often prove to be insufficient and specialized terminological dictionaries do not yet exist.
  • Last but not least, with Amebis Presis Mini, users can translate entire texts.

To learn more about the functions of the Amebis Presis Mini user interface, please refer to the online help, where individual features are explained in more detail. Both te online help and the user interface are available in English so that they can be used by non-Slovene speakers.