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Amebis Presis.
Personal translator for English and German.

Ease and speed up your understanding or writing in a foreign language, as best as possible. You don't have to be afraid to lose the real meaning of translation. Since your translation will perform on your computer, not some place on the web, you will keep it secure and trustworthy.

Does writing or understanding the text in foreign language take you too much time?

Where do you usually look for help? Online translators! There, you realize the translation is not up to your standards. The translation can even have a different meaning than original. Meanwhile, you also unintentionally exposed your confidentiality and privacy. The warranty only you know your text is gone.

You will not find any faster way to translation anywhere else.

Forget the time consuming search of word translations in dictionaries. If you want to write in a foreign language, simply enter the word or sentence in your own language. And translation is only one click away. The same applies for reading. Just highlight the unknown word or text and click to translate.

Avoid wrong translations.

All machine translators seem the same. However, the method of translation remains hidden under the hood. Most of the translators use the statistical method, while Presis generates its translations using sentence analysis. Doing so, text doesn't loose original meaning.

The most simple translation.

There is often more possible translations for a specific word. Presis chooses the most appropriate one based on the meaning. At the same time, it also offers other possible translations. You simply choose the most appropriate for you.

Let your texts stay private and confidential.

Translate your text on your computer, rather than translate online. This way, only you know what you are translating. Privacy and confidentiality are ensured. You get no such ensurance with online translators! Your text could appear on some webpage without your knowledge and consent.

You can even adjust translating to your needs.

Is the translation inadequate, or it doesn't even exist? You can enter your own translation of a word or sentence, to make it always avaliable.

Do you wish to try Amebis Presis?

E-mail (info@amebis.si), or call us (+386 (1) 8311 035).

How does Amebis Presis work?

You can use Presis Mini for quick and efficient translating, which can be kept on your screen unobtrusively. Presis Mini can also be used as a dictionary efficiently.

You don't need to write the text. A click on the text and use of the 'Copy' function is enough to translate.

Unlike dictionaries, the words can be in any form. The translation will always be logical. It will take into account case, tense, form and other word forms.

Presis Pro is designed for advanced users. The words with more possible translations are coloured differently, and alternative translations are suggested. In Pro, you can enter your own translation for any word or a sentence, to name only a few features.

How can Amebis Presis aid us?

  • To understand or write text in foreign language, you will spend considerably less time and effort.
  • You will not be worried anymore that the translation might be incorrect. The meaning of the original text will not change in translating process.
  • Your privacy and confidentiality will never be put at risk for using a machine translator.
  • With speed, quality, privacy and confidentiality your self-confidence of speaking foreign languages will also grow.
  • Time saving and self-confidence growth lead also to money saving.

How good will your translation be?

You can check it right now.

Visit the webpage presis.amebis.si/prevajanje/ and translate any short text. For the best translation, the sentences should be short, concise, and grammaticaly correct. Long grammaticaly incorrect sentences, which you cannot understand yourself, can't be translated well.

Do you want to try Amebis Presis on your computer for unlimited text sizes?

E-mail (info@amebis.si), or call us (+386 (1) 8311 035).