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To test translation quality, enter text in the field below. Type kaša or ka^sa (if the Slovene keyboard is not available), and not kasa, kasha or kas"a.

The original text should be grammatically correct to facilitate text analysis. Use the Amebis Besana programme package to proofread Slovene texts.

In the online demo version of the Amebis Presis Translation System, text lenght is limited to 2000 characters. In addition, adding user translations is also disabled.

(B) BETA Version

This web has had 12,801,819 visitors. The server has translated 34,531,898 texts (total length: 1,380,855,568 characters).

Amebis Presis - Time Limited Version

Try the time limited trial version of the Amebis Presis on your computer. The version contains English-Slovene, Slovene-English and German-Slovene translation modules and will work until the end of this month. MS Windows 98 or later is required.

Amebis Presis - Installation Package (Win32) Amebis Presis - Installation Package (Win32)

Filename presis_1070800001_en.msi Version 1.79
Size 68.10MB Date 9/16/2016