Amebis Presis Pro

The Amebis Presis Pro user interface is the most powerful tool in the Amebis Presis Translation System. By including additional features, the interface provides invaluable help to all users, as the translation process becomes faster and more efficent.

Introduction To the Translation System

To translate a text, simply type it into the entry field, copy it through the clipboard or open a .txt or .rtf file.

Before you start translating, use the built-in spellchecker to check for spelling errors and correct them, as this will improve the quality of the translation.

There are two ways to translate. If you choose to translate sentence-by-sentence, you will be able to view only one sentence at a time. After you finish translating the sentence by using the software and its tips, you will finally be able to move on to the next sentence.

Another option is translating the entire text automatically with the a command. If you choose this option, the translation will appear in the translation window. The time needed to translate the text depends on both the text's length and the computer's processing speed. The average translation speed is a few dozen A4 pages per minute.

To make your work easier, you can either expand or shrink the entire programme window. You can also adjust the size of the input and translation fields and font size.

In Amebis Presis Pro, each type of translated word is marked with a customizable colour. The four word types are: 1. words with only one known translation, 2. words with several possible translations, 3. untranslated proper names, and 4. unknown words. Colour marking allows users to quickly detect errors and correct them accordingly.

The software allows you to change your translation as much as you wish and provides you with useful tips. Tips appear automatically whenever you place your cursor over a word with several translations or open the pop-up menu by clicking the right mouse button. After one of the tips is selected, the program will automatically replace the word in the text and you will be able to continue editing the word inside the text.

If you have an ASP32 electronic dictionary installed on your computer, you can use built-in links to access it. By placing the cursor on a word in one of the two windows and pressing the right button, the selected dictionary will open and automatically display the entry.

If no translation is available for a specific word, you can add your own to the custom dictionary. In addition, you can also save translations for sentences that appear frequently in your texts. By adding only a handful of frequently used expressions, you will be able to improve the consistency of your translations significantly.

To learn more about the functions of the Amebis Presis Pro user interface, please refer to the online help, where individual features are explained in more detail. Both te online help and the user interface are available in English so that they can be used by non-Slovene speakers.